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Emo Emo Emo Emo Emo

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Apr. 18th, 2006 | 02:40 am
location: Heartbreaksville
mood: depressedShattered.
music: Wake Up

Emoing up your day since 1988.

I knew it'd happen.
It hurts.
Why does it hurt SO DAMNED MUCH!?
Fuck it.
I give the fuck up.
Good day, good evening, good night.
Maybe there'll be tomorrow.
Maybe things will be different then.
Probably not.
I need a hug.
Sorry for adding some emo to your day.


Didn't want to be emo.
But, the fuck else am I going to do? NOT be emo?!
I have a Live Journal! I have to be emo!
I'll let you go on, and pretend nothing was said, and ignore me and whatever.
Oh! Conor. This has NOTHING to do with you, if you're wondering.
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