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It's amazing what some time can give you.

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Dec. 23rd, 2006 | 04:08 pm
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A touch of time, a bit of thought, a dash of crazy, and a pinch of soul. It leads one to the most amazing insights.

The world is a crazy, messed up place.
It really is.
People say things, and it drives others away.
Actions scar people, hurt them in ways you never thought they would.
A simple motion can be the difference between joy and sorrow.
People fall in love, have their heart broken, and pick themselves up.
They move forward, or they stand still, or worse... they pretend that it's still real.
Life keeps moving, though. Those that stand still, those that pretend, their lives slip away.
They become no one. Just empty.
Those that push forward, they still can hope for change. The change that comes from living their lives.
Some people will write.
Some will code.
Others teach.
Some launch themselves into space.
Some run, jump, climb.
Some argue.
Others listen.
Some cook, clean, and smile.
Others turn to drink, drugs, and of course, rock and roll.

Wherever anyone turns, there will be someone there that will meet them. Someone that's made those same mistakes. Someone that's made them worse. Someone who's past makes yours feel so easy... simple... So soft and relaxing. They're quiet, and smart, and they know just what to say. Because, they've been where you are. Where you're going. They see the road in front of you, and know just where that path is, the one that's barely there because everyone noticed it too late. They're able to tell you where to look, what to avoid.
"Jump over the water!" they say.
"I'm trying!" you reply.
Maybe with help, you'll make it.

All you need to do, is look for a hand. That hand that's there, to pull you to the other side.
The side that's happy.
The side that's finally... free.

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